Living by the sea in St Leonards has opened up a whole new horizon…

Originally from Cheshire, I lived as a pioneer for 20 years in Milton

Keynes (as far inland as you can get in England) and moved to live by the sea

in 2002. 

I did my Foundation Course at Bath Academy of Art in Corsham followed by

a BA(Hons) in Fine Art at Preston Polytechnic when it was at the Storey

Institute in Lancaster.

My first exhibition was a sell-out, selected by Adrian Henri for the

Serpentine Summer Show in 1981.

I continue to show in various galleries and non gallery spaces and have

work in several private and corporate collections.

I describe myself as a painter printmaker as both processes inform my


The sea, the sea, the sea and everyday objects that wash up in my studio

are a constant inspiration. I can’t resist a rusty enamel jug!

My current work explores a theme of Vessels; both ancient amphorae and

abandoned boats. Perhaps they are on the sea bed, full of treasure waiting to

be discovered or ghost ships slowly disintegrating in the underwater world.

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